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In the Department of Maternity of Hygeia Hospital, the staff of physicians, nurses and midwives are engaged to fulfill the mission, to bring in life the children and to offer safety, comfort and a beautiful experience for every mother. We offer an integrated and of high quality service in assisting all the mothers that are expecting, from the first stages of pregnancy, follow-up, prenatal courses for the young couples (we offer information for the pregnancy, the birth, neonatal care, the foods, etc), we offer special care for the pregnancies in risk, for the birth and child care since the moment he comes in life and more.

The qualified and experienced staff of obstetrics and gynecologist doctors, also neonatologist/pediatrician doctors, together with the midwives and nurses of Hygeia Hospital, make possible a 24/7 service throughout all the year, personalized and with high quality for all the mothers and their newborns. The Maternity ward of Hygeia Hospital has 6 operating theaters, all supplied with the latest medical technology and devices, in order to offer the necessary commodity during birth. Also, this department has 25 rooms, all arranged in the most comfortable and modern conditions, to offer the best service, together with the staff of specialized nurses, and thus improve more quickly the status of the mother after birth. Besides the Maternity ward, this department has also the ICU for the newborns, created to assist in the most professional way, not only the premature newborns, but also the complicated cases that happen during labor.

The staff of physicians of Hygeia Hospital Maternity ward, from 4 years, offers also prenatal courses for the young couples, which are free and are organized inside our facility.

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SPITALI HYGEIA TIRANЁ, pjesë e Grupit Hygeia Greqi, i cili prej 40 vitesh tashmë, vazhdon tё jetё lider nё tregun e sektorit shëndetësor dhe ka si objektiv kryesor të jetë ofruesi më i madh i shërbimeve mjekësore të integruara në gjithë Europën Juglindore.

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