Hygeia Hospital Tirana


Are notifying the shareholder of the company HYGEIA HOSPITAL-TIRANA SH.A that, on Tuesday, 25.09.2013, at 12:00 a.m, in the legal office of the company HYGEIA HOSPITAL-TIRANA SH.A, situated at KM 01, Rruga Dytësore e Autostradës Tiranë-Durrës, Tiranë, Shqipëri, is going to take place the meeting of the company’s General Assembly with the following items of Agenda:

1. Reviewing the proposal of the company’s Administrative Council for the simplified decrease of the company’s share capital;
2. Approving Resolution No. 3, dated 09.07.2013 of the Administrative Council and voting and deciding the simplified decrease of the company’s capital;
3. Accordingly changing article 5 of the company’s Statute;
4. Other matters. 

You can participate to the meeting either personally or represented by a delegate Power of Attorney.

The minority shareholder is entitled of all rights provided by the Albanian respective legislation (the right to ask the inclusion of certain matters in the Agenda no later than 8 days prior the meeting date, the right to ask the convention of the Assembly, etc article 139 of L. 9901, dt. 14.04.2008).

The voting process shall take place during the meeting and shall be open.

You are invited to participate in the meeting as member of the company’s General Assembly holding voting rights (one share represents one vote) where the shareholder Hygeia S.A possesses 5.323.161 ordinary shares or 87,86% of the capital, while the shareholder Shyqyri Duraku possesses 735.609 ordinary shares, or 12,14% of the capital.

For any further information, draft-resolutions or documentation related to the meeting in question you are welcome and may receive them at the company’s premises legal seat at any time.

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