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Patient Testimonials



We are very satisfied from the service, communication and the organisational aspects of the work. Especially, from the level of professional qualification of the medical team. We wish you all the best and every success. A.P

Thank you for the most satisfactory experience at Hygeia Hospital Tirana, at the Pathology Department and Intensive Care Unit. Friendly, helpful and professional personnel and physicians. Amazing kitchen which provided a special diet. Careful treatment and everyone was always happy to help. H.T

The nursing personnel of the Maternity Department was excellent. Very polite midwives, qualified and always available to help. My gynechologist has done a wonderful job during pregnancy, surgery and afterbirth care. Thank you. F.D

I am impressed by the rapidity and availability of the Emergency Room team after my notification for the need of medical care. I appreciate the care that the physicians offered me as soon as I arrived in the hospital. The information and evaluation of my condition was performed quickly, clearly and correctly, as well as the intervention to save my life was quick and successful. I thank from my heart the medical personnel who participated in my cardiac surgery. A.N

My husband arrived in the hospital in a critical health condition. Due to the care and devotion of physicians, who demonstrated goodness and professionalism, the intervention was successful and he began to feel the effects of recovery in a short time. All my respect to these reputable physicians and for the devoted and humaine personnel of this hospital, which I will recommend to all relatives and friends who are in need of healthcare. S.S

Thank you to all the personnel of the Delivery room, Maternity and Neonatal Intensive Care Unit, who made the birth of my son easier and beautiful. Thank you to all the medical personnel for the devotion and care. J.S

Firstly, I cannot find the words to express the quality of services received in this hospital. Secondly, I would hereby like to express my gratitude for the assistance, support, courage and kindness of the personnel. Thank you very much. L.R

During my stay at the hospital, but also on the day of my intervention (cesarean section), I was surprised by the rapidity of action of the personnel. Perfect coordination between physicians and midwifes in order to achieve perfect results. I am very grateful to the maternity personnel. I will not forget the commitment, help and support of my physician. V.S

We are very satisfied with the service. The medical personnel is excellent. We are grateful for the help that Hygeia Hospital Tirana has provided. If we would need healthcare services again, we would choose you, the hospital of life. Thank you very much. A.S

I am a patient who visited the Urology Department. I am very satisfied with my physician to whom I send my greetings and respect. He consulted me and prescribed the right examinations and treatment that improved my health. I wish you success in your professional work. J.D

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