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Cardiac Surgery Department

The department of cardiac surgery of Hygeia Hospital Tirana is composed of 4 specialists in cardiac surgery with a wide experience in the field of surgical interventions, offering a qualified service, with safety and above all successful treatment of cardiac pathologies.Two modern surgical theaters are supplied with the latest equipment to cover all the cardiac surgical interventions of the adults, applying successfully the advanced techniques that are used in the most wellknown hospitals all around the world.

To follow up and manage in the best way the patients of this category, the medical staff of cardiac surgeons collaborates closely with the team of ICU specialists, not only during the surgery, but also for the post-operation follow up of these patients, which is done in the Intensive care unit by a staff of experienced and trained doctors and nurses, offerig the best and qualified medical service to the cardiac patients, 24 hours a day, 365 days per year.


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SPITALI HYGEIA TIRANЁ, pjesë e Grupit Hygeia Greqi, i cili prej 40 vitesh tashmë, vazhdon tё jetё lider nё tregun e sektorit shëndetësor dhe ka si objektiv kryesor të jetë ofruesi më i madh i shërbimeve mjekësore të integruara në gjithë Europën Juglindore.

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