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Hygeia Hospital Tirana (HHT) is a private hospital that operates in Albania since 2010. It is the largest private hospital in the country, providing a wide range of health care services.

HHT commits to provide a high level of care, from an exellent scientific, administrative and supporting personnel, to whom is provided continuous education, access to modern technology and exellent working conditions.

The patient- oriented approach, the emphasis on quality and patient safety, and also the continuous effort to improve the scientific and operational effectiveness of HHT, are key strategic pillars for the progress and development of this Hospital, which has already made the difference in the country. HHT proves the implementation of its strategy, by voluntarily looking for certifications and accreditations of the provided services.

Hygeia Group

SPITALI HYGEIA TIRANЁ, pjesë e Grupit Hygeia Greqi, i cili prej 40 vitesh tashmë, vazhdon tё jetё lider nё tregun e sektorit shëndetësor dhe ka si objektiv kryesor të jetë ofruesi më i madh i shërbimeve mjekësore të integruara në gjithë Europën Juglindore.

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Spitali Hygeia Tiranë:
Sekretaria: + 355 4 23 90 000
Urgjenca: + 355 4 23 23 000
Email: info@hygeia.al

Zyra e Spitalit Hygeia Kosovë:
Telefon: 377 49 10 2008
Email: zyrakosove@hygeia.al